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Evaluation Plan: Qwerty Ltd Keyboards

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Discuss the following evaluation plan. Define the elements that are present. Describe those that are missing and propose evaluation techniques that would fill those gaps.

Qwerty Ltd (QL) designs and builds custom keyboards from scrap computer parts. They resell the keyboard to industries that need non-standard keyboard for specific applications such as manufacturing floors, clean-rooms, wet rooms, mining operations, and even NASA. In order to streamline their order-to-design process, they want sales reps to capture requirements during sales calls. One of your peers has asked you to review their evaluation plan (below): Comment on the strengths and missed opportunities, please.

ââ?¬¢Determine whether sales reps have the right skills for capturing requirements
ââ?¬¢Define work processes and tools that sales reps will need for new work
ââ?¬¢Design the training (if any)
ââ?¬¢Pilot test the training with local sales reps only
ââ?¬¢Track participant satisfaction with training
ââ?¬¢Track whether or not sales reps submit requirements during or just after sales calls
ââ?¬¢Determine whether or not production is satisfied with requirements submitted by sales reps

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This solution discusses an evaluation plan for Qwerty Ltd., defining the elements that are present, identifying those that are missing, and proposing evaluation techniques that would fill in the gaps. It includes references.

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In order for an evaluation plan to be complete it must have certain elements present. Qwerty Ltd (QL) has determined a need for sales representatives to capture requirements for non-standard keyboards during sales calls. An evaluation plan has been made, however, there are some missing components that must be addressed.

An evaluation plan should begin with an introduction to introduce the major sections of the plan, list the primary people or positions involved with the plan, as well as introduce the authors of the plan. The goal of the process should be determined. In addition, the background of the plan should be discussed. This will help the reader understand the background of the project. Both the introduction and background are missing from the current evaluation plan.

The next part of the plan is the purpose of the evaluation. This is actually where the current plan begins. The concept of determining if the sales representatives have the right skills is crucial to the evaluation; however, this item could be further defined by outlining the skills deemed necessary. In determining these skills it would be politically wise to involve different people, in a variety of positions. Sales ...

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