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Email upgrade-Project management

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Evaluation Criteria (2 pages):

- Develop ten evaluation criteria you will use to evaluate vendor proposals.
- Develop a weighting chart and methodology that assigns a weighted value to each criterion and describe your selection methodology in 2-3 paragraphs.

Review these scenarios:
Your boss owns 2,000 shares of stock of one of the vendors, his wife works for another vendor, and he is on the procurement selection committee for the project.

A third vendor in contention for this project has offered everyone on your team tickets to the hockey game this weekend in the company box with dinner included.

Your stock broker is recommending the purchase of a technology mutual fund that contains stock belonging to several of the vendors in contention.

In your opinion, are there any ethics violations in these three scenarios? For each scenario, is there a way to avoid the ethics conflict? What do you see as the legal ramifications of your alternatives on the effectiveness of the project? Will the alternatives positively or negatively affect the effort?

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// A project management plan helps in organizing, planning and providing an appropriate framework for project development. In this regard, the following section relates to the development of a project management plan for e-mail up-gradation. Besides this, the section will also provide evaluation criteria for assessing proposals of vendor available for e-mail up-gradation //

The following table illustrates a ten evaluation criteria for evaluating vendor ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 334 words with references.

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E-Mail Upgrade Project Management: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with Example

Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and project schedule in a Gantt format for an E-Mail Upgrade Project. The WBS and resultant schedule should contain the following high-level activities:

1.0 Evaluate User & System Requirements
2.0 Evaluate ODHS Network Suitability
3.0 Conduct E-mail System Selection
4.0 Upgrade Ohio Department of Human Service Network & Hardware
5.0 Develop E-mail Training
6.0 Deploy E-mail System

Each of the six WBS elements should be decomposed into two or more activities; additionally, three of these six elements should be decomposed into a third level consisting of at least two more activities. Thus, there should be six high level WBS elements, twelve or more second level activities (two per the six elements), and six third level activities. Use the format described above to define the activities (action verb followed by subject, such as Deploy E-mail System).

The Gantt chart should be developed based on the WBS (all activities should be detailed on the Gantt chart). The Gantt chart should reflect the proper dependencies of each of the activities (for example, you can't have "Deploy E-mail System" before "Evaluate User Requirements"). For activity duration, provide a reasonable estimate of the time you expect each activity to take; while students are not expected to provide accurate durations, durations should be reasonably defensible and logical. For formatting ease, high level activities should be left justified while second and third level activities should be indented below their parent activities.

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