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    Recruitment Competitive Advantage & Selecting Candidates

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    The case study parts:

    From a HR perspective, propose two ways that a company can gain a competitive advantage over other companies when striving to recruit job applicants. Determine whether technology has assisted or hindered the process.
    This solution supports why technology has assisted with reaching candidates, and also automated the actual recruitment process for some organizations.

    Imagine you are head of the HR department, and you have been asked to review two applicants for the sales clerk position at your company. Alice, the first applicant has 10 years of experience in sales work, but can be easily distracted. She will not work on commission and cannot work weekends. She can be a little obstinate, but has an excellent job history. Mary, the second applicant, has one year experience, but very congenial and loves working with people. Her work schedule is very flexible, but she can become a little stressed at times and has been known for having to quietly leave and regroup for a short time. Determine which candidate would be the "right fit". Support your decision by describing the thought process that lead up to your decision.
    The solution provides sound reasoning for hiring Mary over Alice; taking into consideration what issues can be overcome.

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    Two ways to gain a competitive advantage in recruiting job applicants is for a company to maximize its social media presence and to engage in job/career/college fairs to also maintain a "personal" connection with prospective candidates. Companies should have a website that is easy to navigate; quickly and efficiently showing customers and also possible job candidates what it is about, what it has to offer and why they should consider a job there. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also good platforms for "getting the word out" when positions are available. All three of these venues permit a company representative to engage and/or reply back to candidates to pose questions and comments. ...

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    This solution addresses a two-part case scenario on how an organization can gain a competitive advantage in recruitment by effectively utilizing social media. Technology has played a major role in assisting with reaching a high volume of a variety of job candidates. The second part of this case analyzes two job applicants: Alice with 10 years of experience and Mary with a year of experience. The analysis compares and contrasts the two; recommending which should be hired. The solution is about 450 words.