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    InterClean simulation

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    A report on the below

    ? Job Analysis

    o Conduct a job analysis for new salesperson positions in InterClean.

    ? Identify the analysis method (s) you feel appropriate.
    ? Describe 4 to 5 main job duties and specifications that will pertain to the new sales department. Be specific.
    ? Workforce Planning System

    o Create a workforce planning system on sales development for your team.

    ? Review both the hard and soft skills (talent inventory) of employees.

    o Identify the business needs - the types of positions needed on your team.

    ? Identify the number of employees needed for your team (between 5 and 7)
    ? Outline an action plan for the selection of employees, training, placement, promotion, development, and compensation.
    ? Identify goals for the team based on the company's new direction.
    ? Selection

    o Review the talent inventory from your workforce planning system.
    o Determine a staff selection method (Ch. 7) appropriate for your team.
    o Use this method to assess each employee's present knowledge, skills, abilities and career motivations.
    o Select 5-7 employees from the list of candidates for your team.

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    Job Analysis


    The analysis methods that will be used to conduct research for the new salesperson positions in InterClean are observation, job performance, interviews, and structured questionnaires. Observation will be conducted by simply observing each worker without interference and documenting what he or she does. By performing the job with the employee first hand job performance will be conducted. Interviews will be performed to collect information about what the employee does on a daily basis and to compare what different people are saying about the job. Structured questionnaires will help to better understand the behavioral types of the employees in question.

    Job Duties
    1. Prepare a plan for sales activities that require prioritizing for new and existing customers with the intention of achieving agreed upon business goals that include both costs and sales while managing individual time and production.
    2. Arrange/perform/maintain marketing activities such as new product launches, advertising, promotions, and exhibitions to meet agreed budgets and time constraints.
    3. Develop new and creative sales methods to optimize the quality of service for new and existing customers. Devise methods that will result in customer satisfaction and business growth.
    4. Use appropriate methods to communicate both internally and externally to assist in the development of profitable business and lasting relationships.
    5. Develop the knowledge, skills, and techniques needed by attending training.

    Job Specifications
     Computer skills: Must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications, particularly Word and Excel, as well as basic knowledge of internet and email functions.
     Literal and Numerical Skills: Be able to understand profit and loss computations and basic business ...

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