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Changes in the America's Workforce

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I'll get us started. Let me suggest that in the 1950â??s, America's workforce consisted mostly of Caucasian men. There were very few minorities and women in the American workforce; therefore, benefits were mainly focused on the family man working in a man's world. Divorce was not as common as it is today, so benefits for single parents were not truly recognized as a necessity.

In today's diverse workforce, benefits have changed to accommodate the many different age and gender groups. Woman and minorities are just as abundant in today's workforce, and HR personnel must adapt to these changes in order to recruit and retain qualified workers.

Because women, and in many cases single parents, are a major part of the equation, child care or allotments of money set aside for child care is a new benefit that was not necessary in the 1950s.

Due to diversity in global business, HR professionals must now be more knowledgeable about worldwide affairs, customs, pay scales, benefits and the world economy. This has changed the way companies compensate their workers, depending on where in the world they are working.

Benefits have changed to include mental health services, legal services and coverage for domestic partners. Many companies are becoming more creative every day in their compensation plans. As times change, a change in the compensation plan becomes necessary as well

What other changes have taken place that have changed the makeup of America's workforce?

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Changes at the America's Workforce:

There are certain changes which have been experienced at the America's workforce. Some of the changes experienced involve the rise in incomes and employments for the top earning 22 percent. This was as a result of the experienced changes in technology at workplaces and ramping up of global markets with advanced market skills (Mckinsey Global institute, 2009).

The incomes for workers within manufacturing jobs have constantly reduced unlike in the old times. The reason behind ...

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