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    Sources of Conflict - Motivational Exercise

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    Please help me write about 100-150 words each


    What are the sources of conflict? How can a communication plan help minimize possible conflict?

    No. 2

    Describe a motivation levels and how they affect the project life cycle?

    No. 3

    1) Create a motivational exercise!
    2) For "your" motivational exercise, you must guide us, coach us, and help us get motivated!

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    What are the sources of conflict? How can a communication plan help minimize possible conflict?
    Conflict comes from many areas in an organization. The following are a few examples of where conflict may arise from:
    ? Conflicts for Domination (social status)
    ? Disputes over accuracy (content being discussed)
    ? Emotional state
    ? Interest of the people involved
    ? Poorly informed employees
    ? Other personal issues
    ? Personality Issues
    Communication plays an important part in not only resolving conflict, but avoiding it altogether. Approaching a conflict with a clear sense of what the problem is and communicating what you would like to get out of the situation is one way to help resolve the issue. An individual must be able to express their thoughts in a direct, non-threatening approach. Yelling or becoming defensive will be a sure way to create a defensive tone ...

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    This solution discusses the sources of conflict and how a viable communication plan may help minimize possible future conflicts. In the second part of the solution we describe motivation levels and how they affec the project life cycle and the third part of the solution is a motivational exercise. The solution is approximately 575 words.