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    Sources of Conlict and Mediation Techniques

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    1) Peruse the different team conflict mediation techniques (negotiation, role clarification, or start-stop-continue). How you would apply this technique to resolve a situation where team conflict has arisen?

    2) List some sources of conflict in. Select one of those sources, and create an exercise the team might do to overcome the conflict.

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    1) Role Clarification is a very effective conflict mediation technique in a team setting. If the team leader clarifies roles, responsibilities and work areas of each team member in advance, conflicts can be avoided or reduced in a team setting. During conflict situations, role clarification acts like a contract among the individuals who have entered into a conflict.

    Role clarification removes role ambiguity and allows each team member to focus on their duties and responsibilities, without worrying too much about other's roles and responsibilities. Role clarification fixes responsibility for different tasks and activities and helps in proper allocation of tasks and duties in a team setting. All these factors ensure that the probability of a conflict arising due to confusion over roles and responsibilities is avoided or mitigated.

    For example, if ...

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    This response discusses the importance of role clarification in team settings and causes of conflicts in teams.