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    Conflicts in Healthcare

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    I need help with addressing the following issues after going through the attached MED- ARB article;
    a. How do the relative advantages of mediation and arbitration create a synergy in a combined strategy of MED-ARB (doc attached);
    b. In addressing the question, what are the advantages of each method?
    c. How do they when combined create SYNERGY?
    d. Insight input as to the concepts of each method and their combination.
    b. 3-4 Scholarly references

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    Question: How do the relative advantages of mediation and arbitration, create a synergy in a combined strategy of MED-ARB?
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    Mediation-Arbitration ( MED-ARB) involves combining both mediation and arbitration techniques into a hybrid process combining both third-party procedures. By combining these two alternative dispute resolution techniques it gives parties the opportunity to first resolve a dispute in a non-confrontational, voluntary setting where the parties involved may negotiate and arrive at a resolution themselves- the mediator is just there to facilitate the process. However, if this process fails to work and both parties cannot come to a mutual agreement then a third party is placed as an arbitrator between the two in which a binding settlement will be placed on both parties and therefor end the dispute. Therefore, this process is arranged in a low to high cost sequence for all the users involved, enables both parties to retain control and decision processes longer (in mediation), and will reduce the uncertainty of a decision made solely by an arbitrator. This motivates the parties to participate in this process of mediation so that they may avoid the arbitration process down the road and thus produces a synergy in this combined strategy of MED-ARB (Ross & Conlon, 2000).
    Using this combined strategy of MED-ARB, the parties are guaranteed a timely and binding decision to be put in to place either my mediation or arbitration. Combining these two processes also increases efficiency by saving both time and money. Furthermore, ...

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