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    Starbucks Business Analysis

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    I just need in approx. 200-300 words a conclusion for the following. I do not need the whole report just the conclusion

    A. Evaluate how your selected organization applies motivational principles to the following areas:
    1) Growth
    2) Achievement
    3) Equity/satisfaction

    B. Evaluate the organization's ethics program based on the following elements:
    1) Code of ethics
    2) Training
    3) Monitoring
    4) Enforcement

    C. Analyze the organizations preferred conflict management approaches:
    1) Direct
    2) Indirect

    D. Finally, analyze how each of the considerations, when successfully implemented, can result in a group becoming a high performance team>

    Please give me a conclusion for all of the above topics on Starbucks.

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    //As per the needs of the assignment, we have to write a conclusion for various areas of the organization such as motivational principles, ethical programs and conflict management approaches. Firstly, we will give brief information about the company and its approaches. This information given by me on the basis of the importance of these approaches is well enough to write a conclusion for the assignment, for example: //


    Starbucks provides all the full & half time employees with health care benefits and stock options. Employees are considered as partners and this motivational tool makes employees devoted to work. Starbucks ensures coffee farmer's contentment as well, because they keep the company going. They are provided with fair wages, reasonable prices and good farming conditions. Highly skilled motivated employees help the organization to operate on international level and to grow and attain profit in future. (Starbucks Analysis) ...

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