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Native-American Feelings of Belonging in American Culture

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If you are a Native American or Asian-American, how would you describe the general attitude toward those with your racial or ethnic background?

Do you feel discriminated against because of your race or ethnic background? If so, provide examples of how this behavior manifests. If not, explain why you believe you are not discriminated against being a minority.

What percentage of your non-work time is spent with people of the same racial or ethnic background?

What do you consider the most important cultural value and for those close to you? This would be something that you consider a core value or that you would want to pass on to your children.

Does the person feel an integral part of mainstream American culture? Or does he/she seem to be on the fringe, mostly associating with people of his/her racial or ethnic background? Explain.

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Native-American feelings of discrimination and belonging in American culture is discussed. Important values are also examined.

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Hello, I know several peoplewho are 100% Native American descent. They actually grew up on an Indian reservation in Arizona. I asked them your questions.

1) They feel that the general attitude toward their background is very negative. Society sees them as lazy and has the stereotype that all they do is drink and fight. As a result they feel they have little respect from society.

2) They do feel discriminated against much of the time. ...

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