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    Maintaining Native American Tradition

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    How do Native American's keep their traditions alive?
    Imagine you are a Native American. What could you do to keep your traditions alive? How can you keep your own family traditions alive?

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    How do Native American's keep their traditions alive?

    Tradition was part of Native American culture, in other words, prior to colonial exploration, Native American tradition was their culture (i.e. the way they lived everyday).

    It is apparent that Native American traditions and culture (including their tribal languages) are quickly being lost in the mix of Western and European cultures.

    Spoken language is a sign that a culture still exists. If the spoken language is able to be written, it can maintain a stronger and longer presence. Once the language is gone or replaced, that culture has changed into something different. In the United States, there are a number of initiatives that exist that continue to teach the Native American languages such as Cherokee. One such place is in Illinois (also a Native American word), at the Native American Fellowship Dayspring Church.

    In the United States, there are also tribal preservation ...

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