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Diagnosis for Depression

Culture Specific Disorders- native american elders denied they are depressed by yet show all the signs of depression is it possible that it is a culture specific disorder

Construct a diagnosis for depression in a Native American Elder. Be sure to fully justify the diagnosis with appropriate references to the Learning Resources, and include necessary descriptors. Explain any additional information that might be significant to the assessment, treatment, and welfare of this client.

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Note in order to construct a diagnosis, you will need a case scenario in which a person exhibit certain symptoms that fit DSM criteria, However, you did not provide a case scenario. However you did suggest a diagnosis for depression. So in a hypothetical sense let's say the elderly man presents with depression related to substance abuse.

Research indicates that a major challenge for people from different ethnic groups has been therapeutic interventions that do not reflect their cultural, social and ethnic background. Brown (2008) defines identity as an "Enduring phenomenon that eventually comes to transcend one's social location, to represent how the person knows him or herself to be, and to reflect the core values of the individual" (p.49). The research also indicates that identity is significant to psychological development for Native Americans. For example, Native Americans have an underlying racial identity that transcends their race. For instance, the influences of lifestyle (i.e. rural reservation and urban, missionary efforts, and an identification with the tribal over the racial group is essential to the Native American/Indian cultural identity (Ponterotto, Suzuki, Casas, Suzuki, & Alexander, 1995). According to Ponterotto et al., while there may be tribal differences, characteristics exist that cause Native Americans to share a common ...

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This solution suggests a diagnosis for an elderly Native American client experiencing depression.