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What is Depression and Some of the Treatment Options for this Diagnosis?

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What is depression and some of the treatment options for this diagnosis?

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Paragraph 1: types of depression

- Start off giving an introduction by explaining that depression is a complex issue, that has many causes, many effect and many implications. There are many theories that explain why a person becomes depressed, and there are even more treatment options for this diagnosis.

- There are several types of depressions: http://www.psychologyinfo.com/depression/depression_types.html

Major depression: This is when a person experiences a combination of symptoms such as being sad and anxious, decreased energy, loss of interest in things they used to find pleasurable...

Bipolar depression: This is when a person experiences periods of extremely euphoric, good moods (called manic episodes), followed by cycles when they are extremely depressed and they could also be suicidal.

Post-partum depression: http://www.4woman.gov/faq/postpartum.htm
When a mother gives birth, the sudden release of hormones causes her to feel ...

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