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Cognitive Impairment Dementia/Psychological Disorder

A description of the cognitive impairment Dementia and the psychological disorder according to the DSM IV TR . Then describe three factors one must consider in making a differential diagnosis and explain
explain how medications for elderly clients may complicate an accurate diagnosis

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In order for a diagnosis of dementia related to cognitive impairment, the deficits must be severe enough to cause deficiency in social functioning or in the person's occupation functioning. This deficit must represent deterioration from a previous level of functioning. Factors that must be considered when making this diagnosis are the nature and degree of the impairment depending on the social setting of the individual. Individuals with dementia have difficulty learning new material, and in more severe cases of dementia they also forget things they have learned previously, the names of their family ...

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Discusses Dementia and the diagnosis based on the DSM IV TR. Also describes the factors that must be considered when making this diagnosis as well as how medications can make it difficult to make an accurate diagnosis.