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    Gays and Lesbians in the Native American Community

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    I'm writing about gay and lesbian in the Native American community. I'm looking for the trials and tribulation within that community. Any thoughts or comments welcome I will be expanding on this information.

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    The gays and lesbians in the Native American community will in all probability have a difficult time in being accepted, especially by older members of that community. This is largely due to the fact that the Native American community has a very strong tradition of following the natural laws that govern the universe. A great deal of the cultural perspectives of this community relate to the laws of nature, and ensuring that individuals conduct their lives in accordance with natural laws, in order to be successful. Due to these factors, many within the Native American community will probably view gay and lesbians as being unnatural, and therefore have a hard time of ...

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    This posting describes difficulties faced by gays and lesbians in the Native American community.