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Human centered vs. user centered design systems

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Can you give an example of a human centered designed system versus a user centered designed system?

I would appreciate it.Thanks

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1. Can you give an example of a human centered designed system versus a user centered designed system?


Human-centered system: An example is the transition from hand tools to computer-controlled tools. Human Centered Systems aim to preserve or enhance human skills, in both manual and office work. HCS designers recognize that computer systems structure social relationships, not just information. For example, email systems that order messages for a person to read based on criteria such as recency or length also influences the recipients' social relationships by encouraging attention to some messages and their senders rather than others). For example, email was the "killer application" that drove up the use and demand for the Internet (in contrast with file transfer). Bullen and Bennett (1996) found that email was the most frequently used application within workgroups that used office suites that included group support functions (such as calendars). So the analysis which informs design is not just about optimizing the technical capacities of the machines, but also recognizes and respects the organizations or other forms of human social organization (such as the family or the classroom) ...

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This solution explains and provides an example of a human centered designed system versus a user centered designed system. References and a supplementary article on user-centered designs are provided.

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