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    (Sales) Mitch (VP of Bead Bar on Board) "I need software I can use on my handheld computer. I think that contact management software would help me keep track of my sales prospects."

    (MKT) Miriam (VP of Marketing and Sales) "Desktop publishing should really help me develop direct mail pieces and flyers. Special direct mail programs come with a demographic database that should help us better target our ads".

    Imagine that you are acting as an IT consultant for the above executives. What software solutions would you recommend to your executives based on their needs? Explain your answer.

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    I. Contact Management Software for handheld computers

    1. ACT! for Palm OS [1]
    ACT! for Palm OS enables access to contact and customer information from a Palm OS handheld device. Because ACT! for Palm OS is a robust ACT! application native to the handheld device, it delivers many of the benefits of contact and customer management such as a linked calendar and task list, the ability to go directly to a contact record from an scheduled appointment, and the ability to view interactions with a contact or a customer from the contact record. Users can access and update pre-defined fields as well as custom fields, notes and history, activities and calendar information, sales opportunities, and more. Now you can bring the power and convenience of ACT! to your handheld device.

    ACT! for Palm OS allows you to:

    * Experience true contact management from the device
    * Synchronize more data to your handheld device so you have complete information
    * View Group and Company information on the device
    * Utilize Opportunity features to better manage your sales from the road
    * Customize ...

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    Contact Management Software for handheld computers and Desktop Publishing Software are explored.