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    Technology used in Healthcare Industry (Hospitals)

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    Information Technology observed in a healthcare organization. Described hardware, software, databases, networks used. Recommend improvements existing system (assumed information).

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    Technology within a healthcare organization is a vital asset. Technology that is used in a healthcare organization must address the needs of the organization. Listed below is a listing of hardware, software, and network needs required by the healthcare organization.

    • Current and up-to-date hardware.
    o Workstations for receptionists and administrative assistants.
    o Laptops/netbooks for nurses and doctors.
    o Printers
    o Copiers/Scanners
    o Fax Machines
    o VoIP phones
    o Cellular phones for doctor's physician assistants and doctors.
    • Software Solutions that address the following needs.
    o Microsoft Windows XP Professional for all workstations/laptops.
    o Microsoft Office 2007
    o Healthcare Management Software Solution
    o Microsoft Outlook
    o Microsoft Instant Messenger
    o VPN software for laptop/netbooks.
    o Financial Software for accounting purposes
    o Inventory Asset Management Software Solution
    o McAfee Anti-Virus Software
    • Networks
    o T1 Lines for connection to Internet
    o Routers
    o Ethernet Switches
    o Wireless Access Points
    o VoIP Servers
    o Email Server
    o Web Server
    o Filer/Storage Server for Healthcare Solutions Software
    o Filer/Storage Server for Financial records
    o Filer/Storage for Inventory Assets Management software
    o Windows Server
    o Tape Backup Drives
    o UPS

    Existing Hardware
    The design for the hardware for the healthcare organization would require that the two receptionists have workstations that are connected to the network by means of cabling to the switches. The receptionist area would also contain the printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines required to maintain the front office.
    Each doctor and his or her physician assistant as well as nurses would carry a laptop ...

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