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    Unions in Healthcare

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    Unionizing health care organizations might be somewhat controversial, but it is an important one for administrators to consider. As organizational leaders, health care administrators must understand the benefits and drawbacks of having collective bargaining agreements with employees.

    What does unionization look like in health care?
    What are the positive aspects of employee relations in a union versus a non-union?
    What are benefits and drawbacks of having a union?
    What is the future of unions in health care?
    What is the role of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)?

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    Unionization in healthcare is increasing. The unions have resorted to use of technology to increase unionization in healthcare. The unions have taken the position that they provide important support to employees in healthcare. The unions have created a perception that Catholic hospital systems are anti labor. For example, Ascension Health in Michigan has been attacked by unions. Healthcare does not have options that businesses have. They have to be located in communities and cannot re-locate to areas which are free of unions. Healthcare must serve communities. The National Nurses United, the treaty between Service Employees International Union and California Nurses Association/National Organizing Committee, and the organization efforts of SEIU have increased unionization in healthcare substantially.

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    The positive aspects of employee relations in a union versus non-union are that the hospital finds it simple to negotiate with a union. Further, there is a positive feeling that union formation will increase employee satisfaction. Hospitals are ...

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