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    Health Care Employees and Unions

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    Three reasons why health care employees would want to join a union. In addition, three reasons why health care employers would be against this.

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    Three reasons why health care employees would want to join a union. In addition, three reasons why healthcare employers would be against this.

    A union in the healthcare field is an organization formed by employees to bargain with the employer for their benefit. Research studies conducted by the US bureau of labor and statistics indicate an increase in the number of medical personnel registered as union members. Elliott (2010) affirms that nurses are leading the trend toward more organized labor in the medical setting. That begs the question; why should healthcare employees what to join a union? The following are three reasons why some healthcare workers join unions:
    Higher Wages and Better benefits

    Healthcare employees who are members of a union reap the benefits of higher wages than those classified as non-unionized workers. According the research study conducted in Canada by the Alberta Federation of Labor (AFL, 2009), the average income of a fulltime healthcare employee who is a union worker is higher than the non-unionized worker. The study also indicated similar trends in part-time healthcare workers. In addition, the study indicated that unionized part-time workers are also given more hours per week in comparison to non-unionized workers, thus, higher wages for the unionized worker. The findings of the AFL (2009) study also indicated that women were reaping the benefits of union membership. The excerpts of the study show female union members are paid an average of 89 percent of the wages earned by men, compared to 71 percent in non-unionized workplaces (AFL, ...

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    This solution provides reasons why health care employees might want to join a union, as well as why they might be against it.