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    Labor Relations

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    I need help with the following questions, taking into consideration the applicable labor law rules:

    The independent living home management team has asked for your advice:

    ? What would you advise the independent living home management to do? Should they oppose unionization?

    ? What arguments or defenses might the hospital raise to the union's organizing issues?

    Happy Trails, LLC. is a medium-sized independent living home, a for-profit facility located in a suburban environment. Due to traffic and road congestion, this eldercare facility is the most convenient independent living home near the city. Independent living homes in the city offer many of the same services as Happy Trails, but are more expensive. The elderly may go to a several hospitals for acute health care issues.

    In a response to the changing economy and patient access from the suburban areas to the city, Happy Trails has taken some measures to compete, become more attractive, and build on its long-term care for patients in the surrounding areas. It has reduced overtime allotments of its seasoned patient care staff, and has terminated several registered nurses. As the registered nurses leave Happy Trails, they are replaced by Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), who receive lower compensation and fewer benefits.

    The health care facilities in the city are unionized and are well represented by an experienced union business agent. The union has recently negotiated superior wages and benefits at the independent living homes in the city.

    In terms of the health care professionals employed there, Happy Trails is not so happy now because the union representing the other facilities has received the attention of the Happy Trails LPNs.

    ***Please cite references and also in text if at all possible****

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    Hello. I provide the following to assist you.

    1. What would you advise the independent living home management to do?

    I would advise the management company to do the following:

    Management should meet with employees to understand what their concerns are and attempt to rectify them with their employees. Management should further train their management team to deal with any employee concerns. Management should emphasize the positives of the company and advantages of working without unions. Management should further meet with employees directly to evaluate ways that the company is progressing with or without a union. Furthermore, management should be sure not to discriminate against any employee.

    I also would advise management that they need to find become personally connected with their employees in an attempt to build a family friendly environment. If workers feel that they are respected and appreciated, they are less likely to join a union than workers who are disgruntled and unsatisfied in their current employment.

    (NONE of the information above came from sources).

    I provide the following to provide you with MORE information about some problems with unions.

    "Anti-competitiveness. The ...

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