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    Characteristics of Students with Autism

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    What are at least five common characteristics of a student with Autism? What are at least five students needs for a student with Autism? What are at least five accommodations that can be used to support a student's progress with Autism?

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    5 common characteristics of students with Autism include:
    (1) Difficulty engaging in conversation and forming meaningful relationships with their peers
    (2) They take things very literally - for example, if you said the expression, "the day pigs fly", they may believe that one day pigs will fly
    (3) They don't understand verbal and non-verbal cues
    (4) Students with Autism cannot make eye-contact when engaging in conversations with their peers
    (5) They have a hard time understanding the perspective from someone else which often causes conflict in social relationships. They see their way or ideas as the only way.

    5 needs for students with autism and 5 accommodations to support them:
    (1) Social skills training or a social coach to teach them how to act and respond appropriately to their peers
    (2) In many cases, kids with autism need to be in a special education classroom where ...

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    In approximately 600 words, this solution characterized students with autism, describes their needs, and lists some accomodations and modifications for such students.