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    Creating a "Happy House" Middle School!

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    SMART TOWN, West Virginia is a city with a school that meets all of the characteristics of a "school in an urban setting"! HAPPY HOUSE MIDDLE SCHOOL is anything but happy these days. At least 50% of their students have referrals for fighting and inappropriate conduct on the playground. The student population consists of 34% students with special needs ranging from Autism to Gifted. Most of the referrals stem from the playground "fights" and "roughhousing".

    Design a school wide intervention plan that will address playground fighting and other issues that seem to result from " she/he doesn't like me" "he/she won't let me play" - thus "he/she doesn't understand me" - I AM DIFFERENT!

    Detail in your plan....how school personnel might provide awareness activities for faculty, students and families in order to create a caring environment that will allow HAPPY HOUSE to be happy once again!

    Sit at a playground and observe PLAY - should this factor in to your INTERVENTION PLAN? Does the playground have any impact on the behavior of the students?

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