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    Getting Parents More Invested in Their Children's Education

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    Rene teaches kindergarten in Utah. He has been at the same school for 20 years, and during that time he has seen the school population change enormously. When he started, the majority of his students were well-supported at home and he knew all of their parents by name. As time has gone on, he has had more students with parents who seem less involved and in some cases completely separated from what is going on at school. As a teacher, Rene wants the parents to be involved and would like to take steps to reach out. With more parents involvement, the learning taking place at school has a chance to be reinforced at home and the school community will be closer and more dynamic. As the year opens, he decides to plan out three specific strategies that will get parents more involved in his classroom.

    I need help with these questions:

    Suggest three specific strategies that Rene can use throughout the entire school year to get parents more involved in what is happening with their kids at school. Include specific strategies that he can use within the classroom and also ways that parents can feel more involved at home.

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    Hi, I love this assignment. After teaching some time in a school system with a similar demographic, I have several ideas to share from my experience. I hope these help you get started on thinking about your own ideas for your class!

    1) Newsletter/Email - Rene can send out a weekly (or monthly) newsletter via internet and/or paper for parents to let them know what is going on in class. Include topics they are learning about, ideas of things parents could do at home with their child related to that topic, upcoming events at the school, etc. It's important to do this in more than one format, since not all parents may have internet access at home.

    2) Class Pet/Stuffed Animal - ...

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