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    It Takes A Village to Educate a Child

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    How can you justify the importance of parent and community involvement in the school?
    How should parents, and members of the community be involved in childhood education?

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    A child that is only educated at school is an uneducated child. It is imperative for the parents to play their role as an educator so they can help to support the curriculum that is being learned at school. Unfortunately, there are a lot of demands on the teacher and there are students at various learning levels in one class. If you have a student that is gifted, then the parent can provide extensions to the lesson and challenge the child with critical thinking skills. However, if you have a student that is below the grade level, then the parent should be able to work ...

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    This solution explains why is it important for the teachers, parents, and community to work together to educate the child. Additionally the solution highlights some of the way that parents and members of the community can become involved in, and aid, the education process.