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    Creating Curriculum: Developing a Final Project

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    Jeff teaches a middle school art class at Charlottesville Jr. High in Charlottesville, VA. His school serves a diverse population of students, and within his classroom he has students of varied ethnicities and abilities. Over the course of the year, his students will be completing a variety of projects in a number of different artistic disciplines. As the year nears an end, Jeff begins to develop a culminating project. He wants his students to look back on their work from the year and to consider their successes and failures. He also wants them to reflect on how they have grown and to think about how this year's work will develop them in the future.

    Write a 7-10 sentence description of a final project that Jeff could ask his students to create. Write it as an instructor, in language that students would be able to understand. Be sure that the project meets all of Jeff's requirements.

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    Final Art Project

    Here is your final project for our year together. I want you to please complete the following assignment.
    I want you to choose your favorite form of art ...

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