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Project Management

List the organizations that actively promote project management, such as CompTIA and PRINCE2. Select two of the organizations and then describe the industry or market it serves, the scope of its membership, and the services it provides its members.

I thought of US Military or companies such as HP, Nationwide Insurance or other business organizations but I am unclear as if they are asking for those type of organization or organizations such as 4PM, PMI, etc.

Therefore guidance/assistance would be greatly appreciated on this task.

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Please see response attached (see below as well). I hope this helps and take care.


Let's consider the following three companies, two of which you can choose from

1. IBM

Several years ago, IBM's senior management instituted an initiative to become a project-based enterprise that applies and integrates project management into all of their core business processes and systems. Through their Project Management Center of Excellence, IBM launched a worldwide effort to promote project management as a core competency by developing a project management curriculum for its more than 15,000 global project (SCOPE OF ITS MEMBERSHIP) management professionals (INDUSTRY IT SERVES). By identifying the skills required at each project management job level, IBM was able to structure a multi-tiered curriculum architecture which, after deployment, is regularly reviewed and, when necessary, updated to reflect changes in IBM's ...

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This solution discusses organizations that actively promote project management on several dimensions.