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Inquiry Based Curriculum

Effective implementation of inquiry-based curriculum, such as the Project Approach, in an early childhood program provides results that are hard to beat, but not everyone is on-board. Review the The Philadelphia School Preschool Dog Project and consider what elements of the project made it inquiry-based? What did you see that indicated the students were learning? What information would you include from the project to persuade family members and administrators that inquiry-based curriculum is effective?

For this assignment you will formulate an argument to gain support from family members and administrators for the use of informal inquiry-based curriculum, such as the Project Approach, in your early childhood classroom.

I just need some assistance getting started with this assignment and generating ideas of how to approach it.

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Resources to look at:
http://www.projectapproach.org/pre-k_to_k.php and they have a pdf available for download about the Dog Project. (http://www.projectapproach.org/DogProject2010-2011.pdf)

As you look at the PDF and the website try to look for sections that show that students are asking questions and learning based on their own inquiries rather than just simply being given state standards. I can already tell that on the PDF I see words like "students were curious" and "gathered many of our own questions." These are perfect examples of inquiry based learning ...

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