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Middle childhood development cognitive, social, emotional

1. I need help summarize stages of emotional, intellectual, psysiological, and social development of middle child hood children.
2. I need implications of these issues for a classroom teacher.
3. Give two examples of activities that could relate to a specfic developmental theory.

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Middle childhood development includes
Emotional Development

Children in ages 7 - 11 will indicate a need to do things on their own; they will express feelings and would want validations. At the same time, they will require guidance, rules and disciplining so that they behave on play grounds, in school and most importantly know that there will be checks and balances in place for them to go by.

Cognitive/ intellectual Development
Intellectually, during the middle childhood stage, children will show a liking for independent work and exploration of their environment. They would like to be in control of their selves and what they willingly do or not, accept or reject and listen to what they are being told or are expected to follow. As such, they would need immense degree of guidance without over protecting them or discouraging them from learning and expressing what they would like o know about or find answers to.

Physiological Development: children will be extremely active and quite understandably become tired to ...

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