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Developmental Tasks For Middle-Aged Adults According to Robert Havighurst

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Developmental psychologist Robert Havighurst stated that the developmental tasks for middle-aged adults are threefold: (a) managing a household, (b) child rearing, and (c) managing a career. Drawing on principles you have learned in this course, how might middle-aged adults accomplish these tasks?

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The solution dealt with middle aged adults, and how they percieve life at that time in their lives. Many of them are striving to find a balance, but are quite busy with work, children, and family. This solution is 370 words.

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A middle-aged adult can accomplish anything they choose. A man and a woman are both in their careers at this time. They are both completely out of school, and able to focus in on their work. This is achievable because the individual is not overwhelmed with homework, but is able to do whatever it takes to earn a living. As their health declines, the needs to support each other is crucial during this time because anything could happen. However, with the love and encouragement already in place, they both are able to ...

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