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    Development during middle age

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    Using the theories of Erikson, Vaillant, and Levinson, create a set of 15 questions related to the socioemotional, physical, and cognitive development of middle-aged people.
    Using your questions, interview two middle-aged people (they may be your parents, relatives, or friends). Note: American Psychological Association (APA) ethical guidelines indicate that interviewees have the right to refuse to answer any question posed to them by an interviewer. Please ensure that your interviewees are aware of this and do not force an answer where the opportunity to reply has been refused.
    From your interviews, write an essay of 1,000 words in which you relate your findings. Where are your interviewees in relation to the development stages of Erikson, Vaillant, Levinson, and Peck? Explain your rationale for placing the interviewees as you did.

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    Erikson, Vaillant and Levinson are all developmental psychologists (theorists) who were interested in learning about the changes that occur throughout the life cycle. Middle-age is a time of great emotional, social, physical, and cognitive change. When interviewing someone in this age group for this specific assignment, it is important to take into account two factors: what changes are specific to this age group and what were the theories each psychologist came up with regarding aging and middle adulthood. Using your understanding of those theories you will be able to come up with questions that will trigger responses from your interviewees that will either challenge or support these theories.

    Erikson believed that ...

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    This solution describes the theories on middle adulthood according to 3 theorists: Erikson, Vaillant, and Levinson. The solution also contains sample questions that may be used to interview a middle-aged individual using the concepts from these theories.