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Lesson plan analysis: First Grade Fishbowl activity

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How are the needs of diverse learners met/not met? I have to prepare a paper on this information.

a. Students with specific learning disabilities

b. Students with different cultural backgrounds

c. Students who have social inequities

d. Students whose primary language is not English

e. Students who are gifted students

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Fish Bowl Comparisons

Staging the activity
1. Assure the environment is free from clutter and only tools for the task at hand are in view.
2. Consider grouping the students in a mixed fashion, where there are at least two special needs (gifted and/or other from population noted) in one group, along with high and low skills students
3. Have a simple and clear laminated graphic {Activity Card} at each station. Reference the card, along with set up instruction. Limit words but use larger font size for any characters noted.
4. Tell students what you will do
5. Have goal and simple {age-appropriate} instructions written on the board
6. Do the activity with the class, using a volunteer
7. Have a student summarize what was demonstrated, unassisted
8. Explain that it is NOT required to eat the fish after the activity
9. Do the activity
10. Move around the room and check in with each group, giving feedback often
11. Summarize and ...

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This lesson plan analysis for a first grade Fishbowl activity includes accomodations for gifted, learning disabilities, non-English speaking, different cultural backgrounds, and those with social inequities.