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Lesson planning

Ideas related to lesson planning are given. The standard must enforce that students must read and produce evidence and an understanding of what they have read.

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As you create your lesson plan, please allow your instructor-preferred formats to assist. I offer just an overview of notes for you to consider. Once you integrate them into a lesson plan format of your own, please send to me for editing, feedback, etc:

First, you might choose Sandra Cisneros short story, "Eleven" as the piece to read, analysis, and comprehend. Since it is a story about alienation, many students feel socially isolated from peers at some point in their lives.

I would do a pre-reading activity where students must predict what the story will encompass just from the title. Does the title offer any foreshadowing of what is to follow? You can also teach a variety of literary devices and vocabulary in context such as metaphor, simile, foreshowing, rhyme, and repetition from this piece. You ...

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