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    A model teacher interview

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    This job uses these interview questions as a guide:
    1. What format do you use for writing lesson plans?

    2. How do you decide what you will teach?

    3. What do you need to know about your students' learning styles before designing a lesson plan?

    4. How do you go about planning a lesson? Where do you start? What are the steps?

    5. How do you motivate the students to become engaged?

    6. How do you decide which activities to do during the lesson?

    7. How do you plan the pacing of the lesson and know how long it is going to take?

    8. How do you know if your students learned what you wanted them to learn?

    9. How do you reflect about the lesson afterwards?

    10. How would your reflection assist you in your future planning?

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    1. What format do you use for writing lesson plans?

    Depending on the lesson, I usually start out with an outline of what I want to include in the lesson. The basics will always include the lesson objectives, expected outcomes with goals and expecations. I then include the body of the lesson which mainly will focus at mininum on three points to carry over and discuss in the class. I usually include an evaluation of the lesson in the form of an assessment that is non-graded (as adults tend to worry more about the grade than the content this helps shift the focus and stress from grade-based and focuses more on the participation aspect so the learners are engaged from beginning to end.)

    2. How do you decide what you will teach?
    Usually I like to have a general idea of my audience members. To keep it simple if I have access, I try to see what level the learners are at in terms of education and professional background. It is always important to have some basic aspects covered just to serve as a refresher and a basis and based on the audience during the class, I am able to guage the strengths and weaknesses. Thus through this approach I am able (based on my knowledge and experience in the subject/content I can escalate the ...

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