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    Interview With a Preschool Teacher

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    Describe the following in a summary based on your interview with a classroom teacher:

    o Classroom demographics
    o Teacher management style
    o Teacher interaction with children
    o Arrangement of learning environment
    o Rules and procedures
    o Examples of mutual respect
    o Examples of cultural awareness
    o Preventive procedures and activities
    o Discipline model
    o How the teacher redirected a disruptive child: Provide an example of how this situation could have been handled differently.

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    Classroom demographics: We have 27 children. 15 are boys, 12 are girls. About ½ are Caucasian, ¼ African American and ¼ other (Asian, Middle Eastern, Latino).

    Teacher management style: My style is to empower the children to manage their own behaviors as much as possible. We talk a lot about self-regulation. (I don't use that term with children though.) I have taught the children ways to recognize when their bodies or emotions are getting out of control, and we practice ways to calm ourselves. (Yoga, breathing, using "calming toys", etc.)

    Teacher interaction with children: You will typically see either me or my assistant teachers sitting with small groups of children. (I am fortunate to have two college student assistants throughout the day.) We observe and listen to the children as they play and work. Based on our observations, we facilitate their play in order to take them to a new level of learning. We encourage them to develop theories and test their hypotheses. For example, this morning I was working with a group of four children who were trying to build a bridge out of blocks. They were getting frustrated because the blocks kept ...

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    This is a copy of an interview that I provided for a student. I teach in a preschool classroom, and the student wanted to know about classroom demographics, behavior management style, teacher interaction, arrangement of the learning environment, examples of rules and procedures, examples of cultural awareness int he classroom, and discipline style.