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    Gathering student information.

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    I am completing an assignment where I have to sumarize the background, characteristics and needs of preschool students a military setting here in Georgia. Answering the relevant and supporting questions related to background of students and their needs. For example:strengths, background knowledge & experience, interests, learning styles, multiple intelligences and important relationships.Please give me some suggestions/ideas about how to go about developing and presenting this assignment. I would greatly appreciate some direction/example of how to approach the task. Thank you.

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    There are a number of ways to address this assignment, depending upon the resources that you have at your disposal. If you have access to the school's records, you can consult them for answers to most of the information that you are seeking - assuming the student has records with the school, and is not a new student. Generally, schools understand the difficulties of being a college astudent with a research project to complete, and are willing to work with you. However, you must make it clear that you will be scrupulously careful not to divulge personal information about any particular individual (who might be thus identified) in the course of your class assignment or your research. There are several ways to accomplish this: assigning each child a number or an alternative name to shield identity is one simple way, or only ...

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    Suggestions for how to go about gathering information about students for a college project.