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    Human Resource Management

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    Analyze HR System

    Prepare a paper that accomplishes the following:

    ? Describe the information-gathering techniques and design methods you would propose to use for the project.
    ? Identify the key factors that will help ensure the information required for the project is gathered successfully.
    ? Explain the scope and feasibility of the project.
    ? Cite and discuss 3-4 references, in addition to the attached files, that are relevant to the assignment.

    APA format is required.

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    // According to the requirements of the paper, the first section will focus on giving a short introduction followed by various information gathering techniques. This section will give the knowledge about the techniques that should be utilized to collect the data related to the topic of study //


    The paper will discuss about the major information gathering techniques that will be used for the project based on "Analyzing HR System". Some key factors will also be identified related to the success of the information gathering process. The feasibility as well as scope of the project will also be explained to help in understanding the importance of the project. The paper will create an insight for the project and will identify various sources of information in advance.

    Information Gathering Techniques

    Information gathering is a very significant step in any type of project. It should be carried out in a systematic manner for attaining the goals of the project and collecting the right information. Information should be gathered from sources which convey reliable information and serve the purpose of the project. The selection of information gathering sources should be done in accordance to the requirements of the project.

    For collecting the information, two major sources will be used i.e. the primary and secondary sources. Both these will be helpful in gathering relevant and useful information. Among the primary sources, questionnaire or interview techniques can be used to gather information. Interview can be taken of officers that work with Human Resource Development Organizations. Questionnaires can be sent to employees working in the HR department of a number of selected companies (Mackey, Susan & Gass, 2005).

    This will help in gaining information about the functioning of various HR systems. This source will give fully relevant information as the people who practically experience the working of HR systems will be involved in it. This source will be more beneficial than the secondary source as it gives fresh information, but the secondary data gives information from already collected data or ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1394 words with references.