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    Student Oral Language Observation Matrix

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    Use the "Student Oral Language Observation Matrix (SOLOM)," available on the Center for Applied Linguistics website at http://www.cal.org/twi/EvalToolkit/appendix/solom.pdf, to assess the communicative skills of an English language learner.

    It may be helpful during your observation to first take field notes of what is happening during the lessons and note how the student is attending to the lesson in demonstrating oral language proficiency. Then use these notes to help rate the student's oral language proficiency.

    Use the results of the SOLOM diagnostic assessment to plan a content area lesson in which you incorporate a strategy to meet an area of need as identified in the SOLOM for this student:

    Write your lesson plan with the activity included.
    Define the purpose of the activity.
    Make sure you have a content objective(s) and a language objective in your plan.
    Include a formative assessment.
    Explain, in a brief paragraph of 250-500 words, how at the end of your lesson plan you would use a summative assessment at the end of a complete unit of study.
    Deliver the lesson.

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    This essay is a review of a assessment for the oral language for young children.