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Reading, writing, speaking and listening

Describe four language processes that are interrelated during language development. Explain how each language process (i.e., listening, speaking, reading and writing) supports overall language development. How does oral language development support reading and writing development? How does written language development support oral language development? Why are oral language activities so important for English language learners?

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The four language acquisition processes (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are all interrelated in the task of learning a new language. Listening and reading are intake processes, in that language is accepted and decoded in these two processes. Speaking and writing are output processes, meaning that language is generated and disseminated in these two processes. All four are necessary in language acquisition, especially to acquire fluency. Each process supports the other three processes.

Reading supports speaking because reading the language helps decode vocabulary, and gives the student more time to decode the words than listening affords. Reading supports writing, because the learner sees how ...

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Discussion of how each aspect of language acquisition supports the other three aspects.