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    solar system

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    A model of a sample teacher's lesson plan for a science class that incorporates math and that shows a standards-based lesson plan (Include science (NSES) and math (NCTM) & 1-9 (e.g. clear-cut objectives that align to standards, relevant materials) is included. It targets an elementary classroom, which includes use of a variety of materials and resources in the plan, differentiation of instruction to meet needs of diverse learners, model and/or explain skills, concepts, attributes, and critical thinking processes, a lesson plan that includes fractions, decimals and/or percents.

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    I have a favorite lesson that I used to teach my third grade class, though I think it would go over better in the 4th grade. Not only does this lesson focus on the solar system, but it includes materials that bring into play geometry (diameter) and analyzes data using fractions and ratios. Please view the lesson on the following link:


    I began this lesson by preparing the materials myself and putting them out for ...

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    A model solar system lesson to infuse math is exemplified.