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    Summary of condenstation theory of Solar System

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    What are the 10 "regularities" associated with the condensation theory? What are the 8 "irregularities"? What is the angular momentum problem and how have scientists explained it?

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    The ten regularities attributed to "the condensation theory of the Solar System evolution" should explain [1] [2] :

    1. How the planets are relatively isolated in space with measured large distances separating them.
    2. Why the planet's orbits are nearly circular in nature
    3. Why the planet's orbits are nearly all in the same plane
    4. Why the direction of the planets orbital motion is in the same sense as the direction of the Sun's rotation
    5. Why the direction of most of the planets rotations (except Venus) are in the same direction as the Sun's rotation
    6. Why most of the orbiting moons rotations are in the same sense as their parent planets and indeed Sun's rotation
    7. Why the Solar System is highly differentiated, non homogenous in ...

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    This is a summary of the condensation theory describing the formation of the Solar System. It summarises the 10 regularities and 8 anomalies of the theory