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    Energy Consumption over Three Days

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    We all use energy every day to power our homes, for transportation, or other uses. How do you use energy in your daily life?

    Keep track of and assess your energy use for 3 days this week.

    Then, post to the DB a summary of how you used energy over these three days.

    What were the end uses of the energy (transportation or commercial/residential)?
    What types of fuel did you use & for what purpose? (Heating/cooling, recreational, etc.)
    Report from which primary energy source your electric company generates electricity (coal, nuclear, etc?)
    Did you use any alternative sources of energy? (Passive solar, perhaps?) Explain.
    Based on the results of your assessment, are you using energy efficiently?
    What changes might you make? Why?

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    Energy use for three days
    Day 1
    Alarm clock
    Hot water for shower
    House lights
    Refrigerator to cool milk
    Car travel to work
    Street lights
    Computer at work
    Lights at work
    Refrigerator to keep lunch cool
    Cooling system at work
    Elliptical trainer at gym
    Lights at gym
    Cooling system at gym
    Car travel back from work
    Home computer
    Television/cable box/dvd player
    Stove to cook food
    Refrigerator for food storage
    CD player

    Day 2
    Alarm clock
    Hot water for shower
    House lights
    Refrigerator to cool milk
    Car travel to ...

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    Log of daily energy consumption over a 3 days course and examination of the types of energy used as well as how to conserve energy.