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Physics: Population Growth and World Energy Use

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Show all work step by step and provide justifications and source.
Population Growth and World Energy Use

a. The entire world would (mostly) like our standard of living, which as you have seen, implies the same energy consumption rate that the US has (300x106 BTU per person per year). If the world consumed energy at the same rate as the US does, what would be the current world energy consumption each year in joules?

Given: US consumption rate 3.4 X 10^6kW

b. What is this in terms of power (energy averaged over the year) in watts? How many typical power plants would be needed to provide all this power for the world assuming it all came from electric power generation?

Given: Power produced by typical electric power plant is 1 X 10^6 kW

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Provides steps necessary to determine population growth and world energy use.

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Current estimate world population is 6805290565

(a) World energy consumption per year = 300 x 10^6 BTU per person per year x World ...

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