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Green energy

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Your organization is about to review its energy use and then develop an energy plan, including as many green power sources as possible. You have been asked to provide a presentation to a management meeting on fossil fuel, nuclear energy, and alternative/green power sources.

Create a PowerPoint presentation (including speaker notes) that includes the following:

A definition of sound science
The law of conservation of energy
An explanation of the implications of humans' population growth and excessive consumption of energy on future generations
The pros & cons of the following:
fossil fuel
nuclear energy
3 alternative/green power sources
Provide an example of a company that successfully implemented Green energy initiatives.

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Creating a presentation describing energy consumption and population growth

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PowerPoint presentations seem intimidating, but are really just graphics that accompany a talk. The first step is to determine what you want to cover with each slide. A good article on energy consumption and alternatives is the article Stabilization Wedges: Solving the Climate Problem for the Next 50 years with current technologies, by Pacala and Socolow. You can read it online at http://fire.pppl.gov/energy_socolow_081304.pdf. It presents seminal ideas that have been referenced by many other researchers.

After doing this basic research, you can outline your presentation. For example, your presentation might look like this:

1. Title of your talk, your name, etc.
2. Sound science and law of conservation of energy -see attached graphic "law" as an example
3. Human growth projections - graph of population growth
4. Fossil fuels - pros and cons
6. Nuclear energy - pros and cones
6. Alternatives - Wind, solar, hydrogen fuel - pros and cons of each
7. Business success story - HP, Windex, or PG&E
8. Conclusion - we must use a variety of alternatives as we transition away from fossil fuels
9. References - usually your instructor will want to see where you got your information. If you copied graphics from any Web sites, you should also reference those. For example the attached "law" graphic is from http://world-is-natural.org/page25/files/chp_energy_chart.jpg. Reference it as:
World Is Natural. Web site URL: http://world-is-natural.org. Accessed June 23, 2010.

PowerPoint comes with a variety of templates from with to choose. Choose one that seems appropriate for your talk. Then import images and add some summary bullet points. Do not attempt to put everything you say on each slide. It's just too difficult to read and you will lose your audience.

For your first slide, you need to describe the scientific process. Science is a means of testing the laws of nature in such a way that the results can be reproduced. If it cannot be tested, it's not science. A hypothesis becomes a law when it has been tested so many times that it is no longer questions. The Law of Conservation of Energy is one such law. It tells us that energy is not created or destroyed, but can only change forms. Thus in our discussion of energy usage we need to keep in ...

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