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    The Environment and Trade

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    -Why is it important for the U.S. to consider "green" energy sources?

    -Define the term "cap and trade". What is the system designed to accomplish?

    -The recent earthquake in Japan has changed the perception of nuclear power use. Identify the pros and cons of nuclear power use.

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    - Why is it important for the U.S. to consider "green" energy sources?

    I am sure that there are many, many ways to approach this question. Since you classified this under political science/public administration, I will consider it from that viewpoint first, and then I can add some economic arguments.

    1. Dependence on foreign sources of energy: The US, despite being one of the world's largest producers of oil and gas, is still reliant on other countries to make up the shortfall between supply and demand. In arguing that green energy sources can be cultivated, there is often an implicit assumption that these sources will be produced domestically, thus obviating the need for foreign sources.

    2. Environmental friendliness: while this is debatable, an argument can be made that current energy sources are less clean than the ...

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    The solution looks at the linkages between the environment and trade, as well as going into detail on cap and trade.