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Trade liberalization and global pollution

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Proponents of trade liberalization argue that freer trade might actually improve the quality of the environment. For example, the international environmental policy of the U.S. and other industrial nations is based on the "polluter-pays principle." This approach is intended to give producers the incentive to develop more pollution-control techniques. I need an examples and information, views, comments that support thae statement that rade liberazation will create global polution.

Examples, case studies, articles, policies are all welcome, just point me in the right direction.


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In support to the statement that trade liberalization creates global pollution, I am presenting my thoughts below:

Due to the every changing dynamics and increase competition in todayt's global business environment, more and more companies are going global to exploit the comparative advantages available in different parts and countries of the world which is in existence due to available natural resources, environmental conditions, etc. in those particular parts.

Companies, in an attempt to produce better quality products at lower costs, are ...

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Trade Liberalization encourages trade in products that create global pollution.

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