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    Roles of energy in biology

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    1. Relate energy concepts to living things - 1 paragraph.
    2. Why energy is not recycled in an environment ? 1 paragraph .
    3. Why an ecosystem can only support a finite population of species. 1 paragraph.
    4. Discuss human's excessive consumption of energy and its implications upon future generations ? 2 paragraphs.
    5. Use historical evidence to draw conclusions regarding the affect's excessive energy consumption has upon how species adopt , survive or not and how this affects their evolution. 3 - paragraphs.

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    Different living things in an environment have different roles in terms of energy consumption or energy provision. For example, we, humans are energy consumers because we take in oxygen gas from the environment and use that to run our metabolic processes, which in turn provide us with energy. But after the metabolism all of the energy taken in cannot be stored in our body, therefore some amount of that energy is released in the form of heat to the environment.

    In living organisms, energy is always released to the ecosystem in the form of heat after the organisms' body has been provided with sufficient energy. In the case of inorganic nutrients, eventually all organisms die because these inorganic nutrients are transferred from one organism to another and that organism is consumed by another. At this point the final product of energy, again heat is lost to the environment and the organic nutrients are returned to the soil or water. ...