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    Plant and Animal Organelles

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    List the three organelles plants cells have that animal cells do not have and the animal cell organelle plants do not have. Discuss the function of the three unique plant cell organelles.

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    Organelles that Plants have (Animal cells do not have):

    Cell walls - functions as a protective barriers against the external environment. Help support the structure of plants. Contribute to the turgid properties of plant cells when they are taken up with water. Protect the cells from lysis.

    Choroplasts - functions in the photosynthesis. They convert sunlight into organic products like sugars. They have specialized pigments chorophylls to participate in the light reaction of photosynthesis. ...

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    Plants and animal are unique because they do not share the same cellular organelles. These differences are explained within in just over 300 words. The function of three unique plant cell organelles are discussed. A reference is provided to aid in the understanding of the discussion of plant cell organelles.