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    Plant Cells vs Animal Cells: Differences and Similarities

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    Plant Cells vs Animal Cells

    Provide a list describing at least five similarities and three differences between plant and animal cells. In addition, choose five internal structures of plant or animal cells (organelles) and describe their functions in your own words.

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    - both have a nucleus (the brain of the cell - all eukaryotic cells have a nucleus)
    - both contain cytoplasm
    - both have a cell membrane (semi-permeable)
    - both have mitochondrion
    - both have smooth endoplasmic reticulum
    - both have golgi


    - plant cells have a cell wall, animal cells don't (allows high pressure to build up inside as a result of osmosis - they don't burst!)
    - Plants have chloroplasts, animal cells don't (for photosynthesis)
    - plants have a large central vacuole and a well ...

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    Five similarities and three differences between plant and animal cells are described.

    In addition, Five internal structures of plant and/or animal cells (organelles) are selected and described in terms of their functions.