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    Common Biochemistry Terms

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    Briefly define the following terms:
    1. stereospecific
    2. denaturation
    3. glycoprotein
    4. assay
    5. endergonic
    6. active site
    7. cytochrome
    8. phosphofructokinase
    9. specific activity
    10. quaternary structure

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    The answers to the above terms can be found in your introductory biochemistry/biology textbook. Having short definitions to common terms handy will help you start to "speak the language" of biochemistry and as a results understand more complex topics.

    The definitions are:
    1. Pertaining to enzymes that interact only with ...

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    These terms are important words used in discussing biochemical and molecular biology concepts. Understanding them will help you further grasp more complex topics. The solution defines the terms in short easy to understand sentences that can serve as handy guide for study and test prep.